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Water Department

General Information

  • PLANT # 1Located at Cross Keys Road and Park Drive. The Water Plant pumps water from (2) wells. Well # 8 is drilled into the Mt. Laurel Aquifer and Well # 9 is drilled into the Potomac Raritan Magothy (PRM) Aquifer.
  • PLANT # 2 Located off Evanine Drive. The water plant pumps water from (1) well. Well # 11 is also drilled into the Potomac Raritan Magothy (PRM) Aquifer.
  • WELL # 14Located adjacent to Berlin Community School on Franklin Avenue and is drilled into the Cohansey Aquifer.
  • WELL # 15Located at Cross Keys Road and Park Drive is drilled into the PRM aquifer.

Water Conservation Measures

The Berlin Borough Water Department is encouraging all Public Water System customers to conserve water. Conservation has been a logical tool in times of drought or other water supply emergency for a long time. Now it is widely accepted as an important part of responsible water supply management. It can defer the need for water supply development, reduce flows to waste water treatment facilities, and reduce costs for both the purveyor and the consumer. In short, conservation can save money as well as water and preserve our resources into the future. The following are just a few ideas that the consumer may wish to utilize to conserve water:

  • Water your lawn in the early morning or early evening hours. This reduces the amount of water lost to evaporation.
  • Install low flow showerheads
  • Install low flow aerators or flow restrictions in kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Place a brick in tank of your toilet, this reduces the amount of water needed for each flush
  • Use self-closing nozzles when using a hose for washing cars, sidewalks, windows, etc
  • Install water-conserving toilets when replacing bathroom fixtures
  • Run dishwashers only when full

Water Meter Information

If you need any billing information call the water office at (856) 767-7777, ext 305/321 

If you experience a leak at your meter, not the valve in front of the meter, or require a new meter installation, please contact the Department of Public Works (856) 767-7777 , ext 305/306 for service. For water emergencies after 6:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. contact Central Communications at (856) 783-4900. 

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

We are pleased to present to you this year’s Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. This report is designed to inform you about the quality water and services we deliver to you every day. Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources. We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water.

Source Water Assessment Summary

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has conducted an assessment of the water sources that supply each public water system in the State of New Jersey. The goal of this assessment was to measure each system’s susceptibility to contamination, not actual (if any) contamination measured in a water supply system. 

Please click on one of the links below to review Berlin’s Water Source Assessment Summary. 

Source Water Assessment Summary