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Property Maintenance

The Property Maintenance officer handles matters concerning the external condition of properties in Berlin Borough. The list includes structures and grounds and deals with everything from deteriorating buildings to unkempt yards. The objective of this office is to protect the health, safety and the general welfare of the community. Any condition that is found to have a blighting effect on the neighborhood shall constitute cause for correction. Chapters 101 and 246 of the Code of Berlin contain ordinances that are enforced by the property maintenance officer.

Spring Cleanup / Maintenance

As spring is upon us, we find that yards need cleaning caused by winter winds and storms. Debris can collect from fallen tree limbs and leaves. As grass starts to grow it is important to establish a regular schedule of maintenance for mowing. This will prevent an unsightly appearance and help prevent insects and other pests from overpopulating neighborhoods.


There is always a great concern about the infestation of mosquitos. Mosquitos need a warm and moist environment in order to breed. Many times untreated swimming pools are blamed. According to the Camden County Mosquito Control Commission, swimming pools do not provide a good breeding environment. Mosquitos typically lay their eggs in tires, high weeds or even under a leaf in a droplet of water. It is common to see an increase in population right after rain while the temperature is warm. Keeping vegetation trimmed back and avoiding standing water will help control most insect populations.


PROPERTY LINES AND FENCES We handle many calls concerning property lines. The most common questions are in regard to the encroachment of vegetation and trees onto neighboring properties. It is permissible for a property owner to trim any sort of vegetation back in order to clear their property or fence line. When an extreme condition exists, we encourage the two property owners to work out a plan to remediate the issue. If there is no resolve, the issue can becomes a civil matter. Fences must be maintained and not allowed to deteriorate. More information on fencing can be found in chapter of the code.


Over the past few years, towns have experienced an increase in vacant houses. It is a challenge for both the administration and neighbors of these properties. Many times owners will abandon a home or the lending institution will foreclose on the property. In these situations, a property can start deteriorating and go un-noticed until a blighting effect is obvious. The challenge comes when the responsible party cannot be determined. The law provides that the owner of record is responsible for maintaining the property until the property is sold or the lending institution takes over the responsibility. Making this determination can take several months or more to find a resolve. Neighbors with a watchful eye can report such inactivity which may help expedite the process.


The Borough of Berlin maintains one of the most effective and efficient methods for trash collection and recycling. The following are guidelines for how to use the system most effectively: (Add collection schedule) Mayor and council works closely with the property maintenance officer to develop and improve the methods of enforcement in order to make our community a safe and clean place to live.