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Road Maintenance

The Department of Public Works is responsible for safe travel along 60 miles of roads throughout the Borough of Berlin. If you need to report a pothole or any safety hazard, please call the DPW. The Public Works staff strives to maintain Borough streets for the benefit of all residents
POTHOLE REPAIRPlease notify the Department of Public Works when you spot a pothole on any street in the borough by calling (856) 767-7777 ext. 316. The pothole will be repaired in a timely manner.
SNOW ALERT AND REMOVALDuring a snowstorm, it is important that all borough streets are plowed curb to curb. Initially, the Public Works Department opens the center of all Borough streets. Once this is accomplished, the drivers are then instructed to clean the streets curb to curb. Therefore, when cleaning your driveways, do not shovel out to the center of the street since the plows will be back. 
ATTENTION BOROUGH RESIDENTS…The Borough is asking for your cooperation when upcoming snow storms are predicted. 

Borough Ordinance 68-1968 states “in order to afford the Borough the opportunity to clear the streets of snow and to open the highways to traffic, during the period of snow emergency, no vehicle, howsoever propelled, shall be allowed to stand or park, whether attended or not, upon the highways of the Borough of Berlin, except for picking up or discharging passengers in the case of an omnibus or for picking up or delivering essential merchandise or commodities in the case of other vehicles. Said emergency shall be presumed to continue beyond the seventy two hour period provided herein on those streets of the Borough from which the snow has not been removed. Whenever a vehicle is found parked or left standing in violation of the provisions of this article, any police officer of the Borough may remove or secure the removal of such vehicle to such garage or other place as may be designated by the Borough Chief of Police for the impounding of such vehicles. Such vehicle shall be retained there and impounded until the person or persons owning said vehicle shall pay the costs of such removal. Violations and penalties shall be subject to a fine of not more than $50 or imprisonment in the county jail of the County of Camden for a period of not more than 15 days, or both, in the discretion of the Judge before whom such conviction is had.” 


All state roads are plowed and maintained by NJDOT. County roads are plowed and maintained by Camden County Highway Dept. A Berlin Borough DPW snow plow operator is assigned to county roads on a snowfall of greater than 3 inches to help the county in the clearing of their routes and to aid in the public safety of the Berlin Borough residents within the municipality. 

State roads in Berlin Borough are Rt. 73 and Rt. 30 / White Horse Pike. 

County Roads within the Borough’s jurisdiction are listed below;

Clementon Road
Watsontown – New Freedom Road
Egg Harbor Road
Franklin Ave from Clementon Road to the RR Bridge
Cross Keys Road
New Freedom Road
Tansboro Road
Jackson Road
Park Drive

Borough personnel are only responsible for plowing municipal roadways