Road Work Alert


On or about Tuesday, May 26th, please be advised of possible change in traffic patterns along North & South Park Drive. The Berlin Park Trails and Playground Improvements Project has commenced, and construction vehicles will be operating in the immediate vicinity. This project is being completed by the Camden County Parks and Public Works Departments.  

 KEY FACTS    START DATE:  On or about Tuesday, May 26, 2020 (Weather Permitting)
 CONTRACT TIME:  60 Calendar Days (work activity within S. Park Drive June 1st thru    June 19th weather permitting) 
 LIMITS:  S. Park Drive from W. Broad Ave and Orchard Drive
 PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS:  •  Asphalt Trail Improvements  • Playground Equipment Replacement  • Handicap Accessibility Improvements  • Parking Lot Paving and Drainage Improvements   • Curbing and Asphalt Trail Improvements along S. Park Drive

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