COVED-19 Alert!!! -

      Attached is the new direction from the DCA. There are a few items different than what have been doing since Friday.  First there are to be NO non-essential permits issued for any work. If you have a question if a project is essential or not please ask me first. Second for projects already under way if essential business as usual. If a contractor is stating the project is essential all bathroom, kitchen, basements, solar, pools etc, they need to  provide all of the following :

      These provisions are outlined below. In short, the person in responsible charge over essential projects permitted to continue must implement precautions to ensure social distancing, personnel limitations, frequent sanitization of equipment and of commonly used spaces, etc. In order to continue as an essential construction project, the person in responsible charge must submit documentation to the local construction office attesting to how the project qualifies as an essential construction project and the measures/precautions put in place to satisfy #3 and #4 of EO 122. Please be advised that construction offices may still accept permit applications for non-essential construction projects but may not issue the permit until EO 122 is lifted. Idled projects during the pendency of EO 122 would be required to restart construction within 6 months of the revocation of EO 122, in accordance with N.J.A.C. 5:23-2.16(b).

      These documents have benn posted so contractors will know and can read for themselves. Also for any inspection request coming in we are not to schedule any inspection until the above documentation is provided and approved by the Construction Official.

If you have any question please reach out to me.

Click here to view Executive Order 122:  EO 122

Thank you,

Ed Toussaint
Construction Official
Borough of Berlin

Edward Toussaint

Construction Official / Building Inspector / Fire Sub-Code Inspector/ Plumbing Inspector 

Ron Snyder
Fire Sub-Code Official 

Salvatore Catania
Electrical Inspector 

Deborah Simone
Zoning Officer

Construction, planning and zoning collectively are responsible for reviewing applications, planning for code compliance and construction permit issuance to insure public safety. Zoning approval is needed for specific projects. Permits are necessary for decks, fences, patios, air conditioning, heaters, additions, sunrooms, etc. as per N.J.A.C. 5:23-2.14(a) of the Uniform Construction Code. 

To contact the construction, planning or zoning department call (856) 767-7777 ext 316, fax us at (856) 767-1071 or

Inspections will take place on Tuesday and Thursdays between 7am and 11am. 

To access construction permit application packets and related forms please click here to be redirected to the NJ Department of Community Affairs web page. 

Any contractor performing work at your residence is required to be licensed by the State of New Jersey. Please click on the following link to ensure your contractor is properly licensed.
  • To obtain an application for Rental or Resale inspections, click here
  • The fees for Rental inspections are $100 per unit, $50 per unit for re-inspections.
  • The fees for Resale inspections are $100 per unit, $50 per unit re re-inspections.