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Construction / Planning / Zoning3 documents

  • Application Request of Planning / Zoning Board
  • Berlin Zoning Map
  • Rental Inspection Form

Finance Department2 documents

  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Internal Revenue Service - Form W-9

Municipal Clerk & Vital Statistics17 documents

  • Animal Registration
  • Apartment License Registration
  • Bingo Application
  • Certified Copy Application for birth, Marriage & Death
  • Marriage Application
  • Employment Application
  • License to Peddle (Canvass)(Solicit)
  • Mercantile Application
  • Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Request
  • Raffle Application
  • Request for 2020 Qualification of Professionals
  • Trash Collection Container
  • Towing Application
  • Yard Sale Permit
  • Clothing Bin Form
  • Road Opening Form
  • Vendor Form

Municipal Court7 documents

  • Your Rights in the Municipal Courts
  • How To Appeal A Decision Of A Municipal Court
  • Plea By Mail
  • Statement Of Witness Or Complainant
  • Your Day In Court
  • Financial Questionnaire to Establish Indigence - Municipal Courts
  • Financial Questionnaire to Establish Indigence - Municipal Courts in Spanish

Police6 documents

Motor Vehicle Forms4 documents

  • SR-1 Motor Vehicle Accident Report (R4-11)
  • NJ Crash Report Key
  • Insurance Company Codes
  • Insurance Company Directories

Other Forms2 documents

  • House and Property Check Request
  • Request for Letter of Good Conduct

Uniform Fire / Fire Prevention5 documents

  • Exit Sign/Emergency Lite Test Log
  • Fire Code Logs Explained
  • Application for Certificate of Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Compliance
  • CSDCMAC Application
  • Bureau of Fire Prevention Request for Time Extension

Camp Long-A-Coming1 document

  • For more information click here