Office Hours: M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Police Department Contacts
PD Patch

To contact a member of the police department, please call (856) 767-4700 or to email a specific member please click on one of the links below
Chief Michael Miller mail ext. 130
Lieutenant Millard Wilkinson mail ext. 149
Detective Sergeant Michael Scheer mail ext. 161
Sergeant Theodore Varano mail ext. 165
Sergeant Ryan Marrlow mail ext. 167
Sergeant John Waechtler mail ext. 168
Patrolman Thomas Locke mail ext. 142
Patrolman Eric Wolf mail ext. 159
Patrolman John Feger mail ext. 164
Patrolman Jason Miller mail ext. 166
Patrolman Steven Palma mail ext. 170
Patrolman Josh Smith mail ext. 169
Detective Jason Christy mail ext. 173
Patrolman Ryan Heron mail ext. 171
Patrolman Brett Vetterly mail ext. 175
Patrolman Arthur Knapp mail
ext. 174
Patrolman Robert Dugan  mail
ext. 176
SLEO Class II Alfred Hess mail ext. 177
Matron Dawn Sayers mail ext. 132