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There is a lot of positive happenings in Berlin Borough. The past year a lawsuit was settled for Well #12 with Remington and Vernick for $100,000 that had gone on for nine years. The Marie Fleche Library is now a municipal-free library, which residents voted on to be a municipal-free library. This saves Berlin taxpayers $135,000 a year that would have been sent to the county plus another $55,000 a year from the local budget with a total savings $190,000. In the last year we worked with the Governor’s 2% cap in the budget and also have found other ways to save, such as buying new jail cells for the new police building from the Department the Corrections saving approx. $65,000.

We are now nearing the completion of phase one of our new police facility attached to borough hall and are set to begin phase two to freshen up the borough hall an move borough offices into one building again.

New businesses have moved into town and by supporting them it will keep them a viable business. I have been working with the Economic Development and Camden County Redevelopment associations to get businesses to move on the White Horse Pike and Route 73 corridors, which faces its own special challenges.

I have been very active in the Camden County Mayors Association as Past President and was voted Mayor of the Year 2014. This association helps mayors with different situations that are dealt with on a daily basis to help get a resolution. If a town in the association is looking for another town to share services, and it makes sense for Berlin to do so, a shared services agreement is set up, that helps relieve the burden on taxes.

I am also active in the New Jersey League of Municipalities Legislative Committee which reviews the bills in front of the legislators in Trenton. Also I am on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Conference of Mayors, which through these associations, have opened doors that are in the best interests of our residents and for the betterment of the community.
Proposed Development on Tansboro Road Letter
The Borough of Berlin is happy to announce the “Old Municipal Building” located at 131 South White Horse Pike has been turned over to the Berlin Senior Citizen’s Organization effective February 1, 2013. The Seniors are happy to call this new location “home” and are busy furnishing this building and adding their special touch. We all wish them good luck in their new location.

On June 26, 2013 Berlin Germany celebrated the 50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s historic speech. A news crew came over to film Berlin's around the world speaking those famous words JFK used in his speech “Ich bin ein Berliner.”

Please have a look at this video of Berlin’s around the United State that participated. I hope you will enjoy as I enjoyed participating in it.

What a great honor for our town to be a part of this historic event.